3 Reasons To List Your Home For Sale Now!

Cindy Luoma
Cindy Luoma
Published on February 13, 2020

Hi, Cindy Luoma here, Selling Columbia’s Best Homes with EXP Realty. I wanted to talkt o you today about why you should consider

listing your home for sale NOW and not waiting til the Spring!

Let’s take a look.

No matter what the groundhog says, you should Sell before the Spring! Here’s Why!

Demand is Strong!

There’s a shortage of inventory in the current market, so buyers are likely looking for a home just like yours.

There’s Less Competition Now!

New construction is ramping up this year, so now is a great time for your house to stand out from the crowd.

Mortgage Rates are Low!

Get more for your money by moving up or downsizing that comes with listing your house before spring.

So if you’d like a copy of my Winter Selling Guide, just click the link below, fill out the information, and I’d be happy to get it right out to you!

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